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Revealed: 10 Things you need to do before applying for Google Adsense

These are the ten basic fundamentals you must know before Applying for Google Adsense:

1. Enough original contents: Nowadays, website owners are lazy, they only do copy and paste from one site to another, before applying for Adsense, you need to at least have 50 original post/contents on your website/blog.

2. Page views: Though, Google Adsense doesn’t use traffics to rank who they give Adsense code, you still need it, you need at least 5,000 page views per month from experience.

3. Perfect load time: Don’t destroy your web pages with irrelevant images that increase load time, Google Adsense bot hates sites that inconvenient its users.

4. Domain Age: Your domain age must not be less than 6 months before applying especially here in Nigeria, the reason being some websites deceive Adsense team by applying with other domain and after getting the Adsense code, put it into theirs. Don’t make such mistake.

5. Important Navigation pages: Pages like;
* About us

* Contact us

*Privacy Policy and; 

*Terms and conditions are very important and must be included on your website/blog before applying for Google Adsense.

6. Remember to remove all other third party ads before applying : Adsense wants no competition, remember to remove all other third party ads before applying and not even infolinks.

7. You site must be Users friendly : Your site must have a very good design and must not be color contradicting, make it easy to navigate for users and always apply a responsive design before applying.

8. Don’t buy traffics : Buying traffic is an illegal act that adsense bot hates, you may wonder how Google adsense will know this but the truth is the adsense bot will find out. Your website traffic must be legal!

9. Your website posts must have images :
Images sometimes give answers to topics without even reading, make your contents rich in image but now too much. Enough great contents rich in understanding is the key.

10. You may add yours in our comment box below, remember our posts are incomplete without your replies.

To apply for Google Adsense, click here Google Adsense

Ridwan Oladimeji

Ridwan is an Industrial Chemist but his passion for technology made him chose to blog as a career. He owns Tech Empire Nigeria. He loves to travel and listen to music to unwind.

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